Big day. 120 km across half of Hungary.


Today was our longest day by far. Our second longest was only 80 km and today we covered 120 km crossing half of Hungary from Budapest to a small village called Kalocsa in the South.

Budapest is one of the most beautiful European cities I’ve been to. It’s beautiful without being boring (hint Vienna). The architecture is all very bad ass, from the parliament to the everyday buildings lining the streets. Lots of tiles, lots of columns, lots of gargoyles. Bad ass.

The first day in Pest we checked into our apartment and then hit the public baths. In the center of this beautifully ornate turn of the century building are three open air pools. The center one is for laps which isn’t so exciting but the other two are giant hot tubs. The water steamed into the open air and collected into a fog over the pool until a gust blew it away. Inside the building were more tubs and saunas. The saunas weren’t as amazing as the Stadtbad Neukölln but still quite good.

The second day we rocked down to the south part of Buda called Budafok (read Buda fuck nowhere) to see this collection of soviet statues displayed in a park called Memento Park. It was fun for taking photos but no real info was provided. They did have a trailer with a small movie theatre playing this old training video for soviet spies. It was pretty hilarious especially the part about inconspicuously taking photos with your giant purse camera.

We rocked back to Pest at warp 6 thanks to a giant long downhill and then had an epic time cruising through rush hour Budapest traffic. Splitting lanes, racing taxis, near misses with pedestrians and busses. It was super fun.

Today was a long one but now we’re relaxing with a pint and a burger. Thank you Hungary for widespread WiFi. Also speaking German has been more useful in Hungary than it ever was in Berlin. They get lots of German tourists here so it’s their go to foreign language.

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