Bringing a touch of class to Bratislava

Yesterday James and I really dove into Bratislava culture. In a smaller square, off the main square, a dozen stalls were setup and selling Bratislava wine. This type of wine is apparently a traditional local specialty made from currants, and all the stalls had little thimblefuls for sampling. After a few samples, we decided to really class things up and get publicly wrecked on currant wine in the square. I bought a bottle for 5€, asked the woman selling it to open it for us, found a spot at one of the red plastic bar tables that they had setup in the square, and poured two plastic cups full. The stuff was really really delicious and as strong as normal wine. It looks like red Kool-aid and goes down just as easily.


Then we got a second bottle from another vendor. At some point James went back to her with the new bottle and our previous empty to ask if they were both the same alcohol content. Seems they are both 13.5%. By this point we were proper smashed, and we could tell the vendor was talking about us so we waved and got a laugh and a thumbs up in return.


After this we wandered back to the hostel, and I got my first lesson in the Slovak language from the hostel bartender.

Si krásna žena, môžem si ťa odfotiť?

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