Another day of getting lost… but with amazing weather!

If you are going to spend all day getting lost, today was a great day for it. There were only a few clouds in the sky and most of them were pretty cirrus clouds smeared across the sky. It was so beautiful out, I mastered the skill of taking my shirt off while still cycling, and I don’t care if you believe me or not, but I was pulled over shirtless on the side of the highway for less than a minute before a car with two women in it pulled over. They claimed to be asking for directions, but, as I clearly looked and was lost, I think they wanted something else.


We left Vienna on the south side of the Danube making our way towards Bratislava which is about 3 hours by bike. The Radweg ends on the south side so we would have to get back on the bike path on the north side; however, this was a little less than obvious. We ended up taking a bridge to this long thin island that sits in the middle of the Danube, back tracking about 3 clicks along the island to the bridge we saw on the map, crossings the bridge and cycling back up. Upon recognizing the same old shirtless jogger in red shorts that we had already passed, I realized there was a much closer bridge that didn’t involve back tracking at all.

While cycling back up, I saw a jogger in the distance. At first I thought he was wearing a beige track suit, then as I got closer I realized that this is one of those moments where the brain rejects what the eyes see. Yes it was a man jogging completely nude. He must have been 90 and was tanned wrinkles from top to bottom and didn’t give a goddamn that he was slowly jogging naked. Some questions resulted: how did he get here? Did he drive? Where the hell are his keys?

Following this lovely incident, we lost the trail again and a nice couple pointed out the way which involved backtracking yet again. So here we are again cycling through our favorite landscape: giant industrial areas.


Well at least it was an amazingly beautiful day to get lost.

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