We’re in Hofkirchen im Mülhkreis, I think…


After a seriously packed train ride from Munich to Passau, so packed we put our bikes and luggage into the bathroom which was hilarious when anyone went to go use the bathroom <<ach nein!>>, we arrived and quickly found that the information was closed. Putting my fantastisch German to use, I asked several people where the Rathaus was because the other tourist information was there and we needed a map. Shortening things up, we finally found it, got the map, and went for a two pint lunch after which I promptly lost the map. Shouldn’t be a problem right? We’re just following a river.
After an hour of biking we stopped at a seemingly abandoned tourist spot where the only useful thing was a ice cream vending machine. This was officially Austria as my mobile had switched carriers.
Biking for a bit longer we came across an average looking guest house but I was eager to continue on and cover some distance. An hour later, James and I were looking longingly at the south side of the Donau hoping for a bridge to take us to the myriad of hotels and accommodation. At this point it’s seriously dark so we’re biking with lights and there isn’t a g damn thing on the north side. Then the lovely paved path ceases to exist and abruptly gives way to jagged rocks. Like a foolish optimist I suggest we give it a try. Instant regret and retracing of steps. Now we have to backtrack an hour to the first place we found. We get there and tie up our bikes. Walking up the steps the sign says geschlossen. Closed! Did I mention today is a holiday. Seriously fuck holidays. I could see a woman through the window and knocked. With a mix of lost tourist sad face and enough German words to seem nice, she said we could sleep there but the kitchen was closed. Are the beer taps closed? Nope. Thank The Lord. Let’s see if the almighty can finagle us a couple bowls of cereal.

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