Arrived in Linz


We left the unknown village near Hofkirchen after a huge breakfast of bread, jams, 4 types of meat and cheese, eggs, cereal, müsli with yoghurt, and tea and coffee. Crossing the bridge to the south side, we passed through the collection of small hotels and guest houses that we had looked at longingly the previous evening. After about two hours of cycling, we stopped at what looked like a truck stop diner and took a seat outside. The woman happily brought us two stout pints of very cold and frothy beer. James got a huge schnitzel and I got the “XXL” curry wurst. It really was beyond large and the woman shook a bunch of curry powder all over it at the table. I told her in German that it was better than Berlin curry wurst and much bigger. I also asked the woman where we were. Apparently we were almost in Aschach.

From Aschach we biked the rest of the way to Linz which is like the third biggest city in Austria, which doesn’t really mean much because everyone lives in Wien (Vienna). On the way we saw a couple kids being arrested for graffiti. No handcuffs or Polizei brutality.

Finding the tourist information in Linz was super easy, and I asked the young woman at the desk for ein sehr billig Platz für schlafen (a very cheap place to sleep). She called youth hostel but no answer. Well what’s the next cheapest? I also asked where to find sehr viel schön Bier (very many pretty beer), which doesn’t really make much sense but I thought it might get a laugh. It didn’t but it did result in directions to a Brasserie with about thirty different Belgium beers. Maybe the question made sense after all…?

We cycled to the city’s second cheapest accommodation and checked out the deal. You could get a double room with a shower but without a toilet for 56€ all in. Upon getting into the room and seeing the shower and sink, I realized there were in fact two toilets.

One thought on “Arrived in Linz

  1. Mmmm. You know you’re bike touring when all of your thoughts can be summed up in these 3 topics: where am I sleeping tonight, what am I eating, what’s to drink.. and maybe I’ll have another bite to eat.

    Happy riding! So excited for you.

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