Biking to Istanbul

In two weeks I’ll be leaving Berlin heading south. My friend James (we go back to high school) is coming from Vancouver to Berlin in exactly one week. We will hang in Berlin for a week before starting a bike tour towards Istanbul. Consequently this means I have about a week to find a bike.

Our plan is to take about 6 weeks to get from Berlin to Istanbul. It’s about 2200 km to Istanbul so that ends up being about 50 km per day which isn’t that much. We can also put our bikes on the train to speed things up if we decide to stay in one place for longer.

There are a few different routes we could take. One would be to cross from Germany into the Czech republic, the other is to cross into Austria. After that it’s Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, before entering Turkey. It also might be nice to go through Croatia instead towards Greece and then Turkey. I imagine this would be quite a bit warmer!

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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