Things that would never exist in Canada: Klunkerkranich


There are somethings that would just never exist in puritan Canuckistan… Klunkerkranich is definitely one of them.

Basically it’s an outdoor bar on top of a shopping mall. The top 6 floors of the Neukölln Arcaden are parking garage; however, the 6th floor has been repurposed (as so many things have been in Berlin). Access to the top parking level has been blocked off with wooden pallets and other makeshift barricades, but where cars would normally take the ramp to the top level, a couple of Berliners ask to see what’s in your bag. Winding up the ramp to the top level, you have the cash where you pay cover (a few euro) and a garden constructed of planters with a bio juice bar.

Past the cash is the main space which is basically a large cedar deck built on top of the concrete parkade. You can sit and drink, smoke, chat, etc… on the deck. The center is raised couple meters and acts as a small stage for music (a gypsy jazz trio were playing). On the left is a bar with the usual stuff and on the far left they have a bbq setup with sausages in a bun or pasta dishes for a couple euro. Along the wall of the parkade, there are picnic benches where you can enjoy a beautiful unobstructed view of Berlin.

At one side of the deck, there is a large sandy area, kind of like a sandbox, for kids to play in. The whole space is definitely family-friendly and you see many young families hanging out here.

To me, this place is just such a contradiction. Nothing could be further from an amazing place to chill out than a shopping mall parkade, but, here in Berlin, they’ve turned an ugly parkade into a beautiful, relaxing space. Berliners have a knack for that.

Freizeit f

  • 1. nur sg; free (oder spare) time, leisure (time)

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