Barcelona not Black Sea

It was an easy decision. We were hanging out in our gracious host’s, Carmen, abode in Deva, Romania. We had caught the train here from Craiova, our second city in Romania, where we had woken up to find the city covered in snow, and we hadn’t been on our bikes since. We had spent 4 days with Carmen in Deva and also visited her family in nearby Alba Iulia during the national unity holiday, and now it was time to continue on but we weren’t sure where. Each day was getting colder and further into the negatives and we were still a long way from the Black Sea. At some point James said ‘I’ve got family in Barcelona’ and I said ‘done, let’s do it’.

We decided we would take the 9 hour train ride to the capital, București, spend a couple days there and then fly to Barcelona.

Now we’ve been in Barcelona for a few days visiting with James’ family, a nice couple with 4 cute kids, living the expat life just outside Barcelona in Esplugues. Both James and I had been in Barcelona around 2009 and we’d both been to Sagrada Família but as it is always under construction, with a completion date of 2026, we went to check out the progress in the last 4 years. Sagrada Família is truly amazing. It has such a unique style of architecture that combines a love of nature with exercises in ruled geometry. It is the most beautiful man made structure I’ve ever seen.

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